Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I guess this is my first post!  How exciting!  So, here's the deal.  I made this blog because it's the beginning of summer holidays and I need a project.  You know how it is, when you have hardly anything to do, you rarely accomplish anything.  The purpose of this blog is to (hopefully) kick-start me into action, so I don't just sit around all summer and do nothing!

So, to start off my fantastic blogging experience, here's ten completely random things about myself:

1.  I'm going into grade twelve next year.  Scary, right?  I feel a little old.

2.  I have a parttime job at a golf course, cooking and waitressing.  That's a little frightening as well.           But hey, I haven't burned anything, or broken anything yet.  I call that success.  

3.  I'm a sucker for a good book.  Especially the really long, deep ones.  Name a young adult series, and I can almost guarantee you I've read it.  My favourites have been Harry Potter (obviously), the Hunger Games, and the Mortal Instruments series.   

4.  I think badminton and volleyball are the two best sports ever.  I travel about an hour and a half       almost every weekend to play badminton in the city.  It's a lot of work (especially for my parents who have had to drive me) but it's a great sport.  I'm the setter on my high school volleyball team.  Sometimes juggling both sports is difficult because the seasons seem to cross...a lot.

5.  I'm a little scared of cats (I mean, they're a little creepy, right?).  Maybe it's their claws.  I'm not sure, but I love kittens!  It's just when they get old that they freak me out a little.  

6.  I wrote a novel last year at this time in blog form ( ).  It was a great experience writing online because I got lots of good feedback that helped me to finish it!

7.  I hate to go running, but I do it anyways.  Mostly because of the feeling of accomplishment I have afterwards.  I'm very stubborn, so once I set myself a goal, I like to stick to it.  But still....running...yuck.

8.  I think chocolate should have a food group of its own.  No further explanation needed there!

9.  Coldplay may just be the best band EVER.  If you haven't listened to any of their music, get on that!  It's usually their songs that I belt out when I'm home didn't hear that, though.

10.  I love dogs!  Like, seriously.  Love.  I have a little shih-tzu dog named Molly.  She's almost twelve, but still just as sassy as when we first got her!

So, that's that!  My very first entry!  I already feel like I've accomplished something!



  1. Hey Haley! WOW we have SO much in common! I LOVE Harry Potter and Coldplay SO much!! And wow, haha, I'm going to 11th grade next year and I started my blog so I could have something to do over the summer! You sound like an awesome person! I've also followed you!

    - Sidra from

  2. haha that is so weird!!! i'm following you back! good luck with YOUR blog :P

  3. It's nice coming across your blog, Haley. Well, I'll say Welcome to the Blogsphere. I love dogs too, so unfortunate my dog, Bruno, died sometime last year, but I'm yet to get a new one. :(

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I wish you a great summer holiday. :) I'm following you back.

    Kaykay @ The Creative Forum

    1. thanks very much! and aw I'm sorry to hear that! they're such good company! I'll be sure to keep up with your blog :)