Friday, 26 July 2013


Okay guys.  Today I'm going to talk to you about a very serious issue.  It originates from a extremely common and sinister electronic device.  It's very well known, but unfortunately few people know the long-term problems they can cause.  Countless lives have been altered by these devices without the knowledge of the user!  This is unacceptable and must be addressed!  What is this mystery device?  I present to you, and some viewers may wish to stop reading at this point:  THE IPHONE!

Okay, so obviously I'm joking!  Well, to a certain extent!  These days, everyone has phones.  Like seriously, everybody.  I got a phone when I was in grade ten and I was mocked about a year prior to that for being the last person in my class without one!  A definite low point was when my friend's nine year old sister got an iphone before I even got a flip phone.

But okay, is this not the worst thing ever? When you're talking to one of your friends or family members and you happen to look at them and see this:

Isn't that annoying?

My sister and I are not a part of the iphone club, instead carrying around our classy Motorola Razrs.  Sometimes when we know people are staring at their phones instead of paying attention to what we're saying, we like to play a little game.  These scenarios go something like this:

Me:  So, a funny thing happened to me on the bus today....
Person on phone:  Oh really?
Me:  Yeah.  I was just sitting there and--
Person on phone: (clearly not paying attention)
Me:  ....then I turned into a werewolf....
Person on phone:  (still not listening)
Me:  ....then I stole an old lady's purse....
Person on phone:  (still dead to the world)
Me:  Do you think that's okay?
Person on phone:  (Finishes text) Oh yeah, totally.

So, yeah.  Even though those conversations are pretty funny for us, it's still pretty annoying to have to compete for peoples' attention.  As if regular phones weren't distracting enough, now there are smart phones that you can text people on, AND check your Facebook on, AND play games on.  These phones are ruining people!  Whether we like it or not, social interaction has taken a downward plunge.  When you're hanging out with friends or family, you should not have to battle for the attention of who you're with, with people who AREN'T EVEN THERE!

So guys, next time you're hanging out with someone, just put your phone away!  Don't be a textoholic :P  I hope this has inspired people to just keep your phone in your pocket.  :)

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